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Starting up

Want to set-up a community cinema, film society, or pop up screening? You're in the right place. Our newly updated and freshly designed Starter Pack, with easy to read sections, contains everything you need to get going -  from finding the right venue to licensing, film programming and building your audience. Cinema For All has a long track record of supporting film societies and community cinemas up and down the country by providing new tools like these to enhance audience experience and increase the sustainability of community cinemas.

If you would like a print copy of any of these publications or would like to chat to us about what you've read for some bespoke advice please contact us.

Support us

We currently provide these resources FREE of charge, but as a charity we need your support to enable us to continue our work and provide as many free resources and services as possible. You can support us here  If you think our customer service and resources are as great as we do, please make a donation! Suggested donation £1 per download.

What's Next?

NETWORK - Are you in an area with a Cinema For All Regional Group (Scotland, Yorkshire and the South West)? If yes, make contact with the group to find out how they can support you. You may be able to arrange a test screening or borrow equipment  to help support you get started.

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BOOKING YOUR FILMS - Browse our Services section for a wealth of practical information on sourcing and programming films, including information on the Cinema For AllBooking Scheme.

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