BFFS Funding Cuts

BFFS has had its grant-in-aid funding summarily cut. See below for further details and to join the campaign for re-instatement of this vital revenue funding.

The facts:

  • BFFS grant-in-aid (revenue) funding has been cut by 100%
  • 10 days’ notice was given of this cut
  • BFFS signed a funding agreement with the UK Film Council (UKFC) April 2010 to March 2012
  • This agreement has been fully delivered upon by BFFS
  • Repeated requests since August 2010 to the Department of Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) for confirmation regarding the second year of the funding agreement led to referrals to UKFC and the BFI, which were followed up
  • UKFC stated that closure on 31 March 2011 meant they were unable to fund BFFS 2011-12
  • At a meeting on 21 March, BFI stated they were unable to fund BFFS because no funds or obligation to fund BFFS were passed to them by DCMS
  • BFFS has been informed that from 2012 Lottery funds will be available for it to apply to, but this funding is for projects only
  • As a volunteer-led organisation BFFS does not have the infrastructure to apply for critical funding that is impermanent, variable and competitive   

Where we stand:

We consider that the treatment received by BFFS has been very poor, given that this primary source of revenue funding was summarily removed with no notification or warning, from an organisation that uniquely serves and supports the film society and community cinema movement across the UK.

While project funding may become available in future, it is untenable for a volunteer-led organisation to apply competitively for hand-to-mouth project funding - a speculative exercise that requires an inordinate amount of time.

What we aim to achieve:

Reinstatement of revenue funding for BFFS

How you can help:

1. Write to Ed Vaizey, the Minister for the Creative Industries at the DCMS and and copy to your local MP. For full details on how to do this, including addresses, download our BFFS Funding Campaign factsheet.
2. Contact local and national press to let them know of the campaign. Forward the official BFFS Press Release.
3. If you are a film society or community cinema registered with BFFS as an Affiliate, consider upgrading to Member or Associate. Visit or contact for more information.
4. Make a donation to BFFS. If you are a UK taxpayer download a Gift Aid form to help us make your donation go further (individuals only).




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